Costs vary on the amount of copy that you are looking for, the amount of research required and the length of time required to produce that copy.

There may be cheaper options available to help you get started. I work with clients to establish what their budget and requirements are and if it is not currently affordable, I can look at options to produce the copy in bite sized chunks or over a longer period of time.

I offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements, goals and desires and work with you to put together an affordable plan. 
When we have a consultation to discuss your needs we will establish timescales.

Urgent jobs may incur a rush fee but this will be discussed prior to any work commencing. 
I like to either have a zoom call or a telephone call to establish your requirements before I quote unless you have very specific requirements and know exactly what you are looking for.

Clients that are accustomed to hiring copywriters frequently just provide a brief and schedule and request a quote for the work.

I am flexible and happy to work around your requirements. 
Once we have had an initial conversation about your requirements I will be able to give you a list of the information that I need to put the copy together for you.

A copywriter will always prefer too much material to work from than not enough. Anything you can send to support your copywriter is welcome. 
Changes, edits and amendments are all part of the copywriting process and included in the price. 
Not at all. Everything that needs to be discussed can be done over Zoom, Teams, Facetime, WhatsApp, a phone call or email. Whichever you would prefer.

I write for clients all over the world so have no limits when it comes to whom I write for. 
Of course. In fact, I specialise in writing copy for non UK residents who are wishing to appeal to a British audience. 
A copywriter writes for businesses in order to sell or promote their brand. This can include websites, brochures, marketing materials, social media marketing, profiles, articles, blogs, advertisements etc.

Yes. In fact many clients prefer this method of using existing copy. They may have previously invested in having copy written but it is now dated and needs a refresh. Websites are a prime example of where existing copy can be used as a basis to refresh and modernise everything. 
No. Technical writing is a very specific niche and would need to be written by a technical copywriter.

I do have 9 years experience in the telecoms industry so very comfortable writing in this niche, however, other industries I wouldn't be able to cover and do it justice. 
Copyright is the legal ownership of something and not something a copywriter can do. 
Yes. I can design your website, branding and social media posts for you. I am not a graphic designer, however I am a dab hand at Canva and most website platforms. 
Yes. I can manage the whole of your social media platforms.

I research, write, design and schedule all of your posts for you.

I work with you to develop a strategy to increase your engagement and organic reach.

You can be as involved as you want to be with your content. I am equally happy either taking full or partial control.  
Copywriting is writing for sales and marketing purposes whereas content writing is to relay information, tell stories or to educate.

I do both.