16 Jul
  1. Content Writers are professional writers. You would hire a plumber for a burst pipe or an electrician to rewire a house, so why not hire a Content Writer to help you with your business objectives? 
  2. Content Writers do their research. They offer an outsider view point to your promotional material, be it through social media, websites or fliers. They write with the reader in mind which sounds obvious, but is quite often overlooked when you are too close the to the subject matter.
  3. Is your current content Web and reader friendly? Does your website sell your business or is it holding it back? Does your webpage work well across devices? Do you have a clear call to action on your website? A Content Writer will look at all of this and help you create engaging, reader friendly pages.
  4. Diarising. It’s all good and well creating good content but unless you continue to engage customers with new content, it is very quickly forgotten. A Content Writer is great at scheduling social media posts, website refresh, business literature and just about any campaign you could think of.
  5. Time. Writing exciting and engaging content takes time, time which many companies don’t have, but it really is time well spent. Engaging with a Content Writer ensures that this is all done for you so you can get back to running and growing your business.
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