13 Oct
The Victorians were an inventive lot when it came to cleaning solutions. Enjoy these tips that still work today. 

1. Tomato ketchup to clean brass. 
2. Dip half a lemon in salt to clean copper saucepans. 
3. To remove a wine or juice stain, stretch the material over a bowl and pour boiling water over the stain until it disappears. 
4. Borax to use as a fabric freshener. Great for brightening up your whites. 
5. Cockroaches hate cucumber apparently, so if you leave peelings around the will go dopey so you can catch and kill them. 
6. A teaspoon on salt in water will keep your flowers fresher for longer. 
7. Clean patent leather with milk and water. Use Vaseline for a high shine. 
8. Use a walnut kernel to rub into scratches on furniture and watch the scratch disappear. 
9. Bicarbonate of soda removes smells so is ideal to sprinkle over a smelly carpet. 
10. A cup of white vinegar in your wash will keep your towels super fluffy. 
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