16 Sep

When was the last time you really considered your brand and questioned if it is still working for you and your customers? Times are constantly changing and we are bombarded with brands every day. If your brand isn’t reflecting your business and your best qualities, it maybe time for a refresh.

Have a think about the following:

  • Identifying the need for change is your first hurdle. Have you had a change in your business? Has the Market place changed? Has your company expanded? Is your type of customer now different? Even if you are moving premises, this could be a good time to consider a re-brand.
  • Your brand hasn’t had an update in years. Flairs were in fashion in the 70’s and made a come back in the 90’s and will probably become fashionable again in the future but it hasn’t been a constant trend. If your brand was exciting and fashionable 10 years ago, chances are your audience have moved on in taste and your brand is no longer fashionable.
  • Have you considered if your brand reflects your business in the way you want it to? If you pride yourself on professional services and your clients are all corporate, does your brand reflect this? Did you start of as a one-man band and have grown over the years? Does your brand reflect your achievement and growth?
  • Have you considered your use of colour? Colour emotes an emotional reaction in people. For example, yellow is a happy colour and pink is playful. We naturally associate objects and emotions with colour, so, what does your branding colour say about you? Try asking family members, colleagues and associates for their opinions.
  • Engagement with your customers is not as frequent as you would like. A brand refresh will be able to create excitement and reinvigorate your business and your goals. Everyone loves something that is new and shiny and your business should be no different. Fall back in love with your business and give it the makeover it needs.
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