13 Oct
1. Use a lemon on the limescale on your taps. Brush all the limescale off that you can with an old toothbrush. Coat the taps with the lemon, using a cotton bud. Leave for 30 minutes and wash away. 
2. Use baking soda and water to clean your oven. Soak shelves overnight for a perfect sparkle. 
3. Remove chewing gum from clothes by freezing it. To remove chewing gum from hair, use ice cubes. 
4. Create your own air freshener using lemon juice and water. Spritz around the room to clear odours. 
5. Use a hairdryer on water rings on wood and refresh with a little olive oil. 
6. Clean your glass wear by soaking in white vinegar and water then polish up with a microfibre cloth. 
7. Wipe down remote controls, phones and ipads etc, with an alcohol wipe. They harbour so many germs.
8. Freshen up stinky trainers and sports bags with bicarbonate of soda. Just tap out the excess before using again. 
9. Clean your hairbrushes with a little washing up liquid, shampoo and warm water. 
10. Use a lint roller on your lightshades to remove all dust. 
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