13 Oct
Christmas is almost here and what better way to prepare than to have your home sparkle as bright as your Christmas tree. Here are some great tips to a relaxing Christmas. 

1. Have a clear out. Christmas is a perfect time to clear out older items. Many families struggle at Christmas time so donate to charity shops. Not only do you free up space in your home, you are giving people the opportunity to find gifts for their families. 
2. Don’t leave cleaning until the last minute. Make a list of what you need to clean and do a bit every day leading up to Christmas. It will help you keep on top of everything and give you chance to relax and enjoy yourself too. 
3. This time of year can bring sickness bugs and flu so it is always advisable to keep your bathroom and kitchen clean. Don’t forget to wipe down light switches and door handles to minimise the spread of germs. Antibacterial wipes are great for this. 
4. Clean out your fridge. We all have out of date condiments hiding in the back of the fridge, so start fresh and make room for all of that yummy Christmas food.
5. Tidy up your kitchen cupboards. Avoid the avalanche of pots and pans when you are cooking Christmas dinner. Make sure everything you need is easy to reach. 
6. The most important tip of all………. Relax and enjoy !!!!!
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