03 Sep

We are bombarded with adverts everywhere we go, so its little wonder why we even pay attention anymore, but the truth of the matter is, we will always need advertising. We are consumers first and foremost and we want to know about the latest fashions or that new celebrity perfume or new blockbuster that is about to be released. We can all name at least one advert that we see on the TV that is as annoying as hell, but yet we know all the words and know what it is advertising. 

Advertising doesn't need to aggravate the hell out of you, it just needs to be memorable. Here are some top tips to writing a non- annoying, memorable advert. 

1. Choose your audience. Taking the time to think about your audience is the first thing you should do when you are writing your advert and choosing what platforms to use. Research the places that your ideal audience goes to advertise their own services/products. Where do they buy? Where are they located? What to they do? What are their adverts like? The more you know about your chosen audience, the better equipped you will be to write an advert that is relevant, appealing and engaging. 

2. Be creative and dare to be different. If your advert is memorable your audience is far more likely to engage with you, even tell their friends and colleagues about your advert. Don't be afraid to push boundary's (within reason of course). We are people buying from people so connect on that level. If you are selling a technical service to a technical person then it is fine to use jargon and technical language but if you are selling the average Joe on the street, there is no need to over complicate your advertisement. Have fun with your advertising. If you are excited about your product/service then this is likely to show in your advertising.

3. Be clear, concise and truthful. Following on from the above, being clear in your advertising is incredibly important. If you over complicate your advert, your reader or viewer is more likely to switch off before even knowing what you are advertising. Make sure you have a clear call to action. What do you want your audience to do? Call, order, enquire, visit your website? It should go without saying, but make sure when they do contact you, that everything works! Being truthful sounds easy, but how many times have we bought something with high expectations and it has turned out to be very disappointing? We all want repeat business so be truthful from the start. It only saves you from a lot of hassle along the line. If, for whatever reason, you can't deliver what you advertise then make sure you address the issue right from the start. 

4. Analyse. Make sure you review what works and what doesn't work and adjust your future advertising to reflect your findings. If, for example, you are advertising to mothers, then don't schedule your adverts around the school run or dinner times. If you are pitching to companies, make sure your advert is more prominent in working hours. Thinking about your advertising, careful planning and analysing what works and what doesn't work will only help you in the future. 

5. Follow up. If you think that one advert is going to be the one that makes you a millionaire, I hate to say it, but it's unlikely. Think about your next advert and the one after that. Make sure your message stays consistent and relevant to your customers and ensure that you are looking after those customers that have approached you through your advertising. If they have had a great experience then they will share that experience with others. Never underestimate the power that your customers hold when it comes to talking about you and your business. 

With any luck, this time next year, we will be millionaires! 

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